Adrián Navarro

Fine artist. Born: Boston, 1973. Lives and works in London

Alice Cicolini

Alice Cicolini is a jeweller, designer and creative commissioner.

Annette Zera

I paint, make collages and facilitate meetings. I'm looking for ways in which different shapes and colours and people can come together and get on brilliantly.

Ant Carver

Ant Carver is a London based artist. He combines the influence of street art with more traditional painting techniques and works predominantly in oil and spray paint. 

Anushia Nieradzik

Costume designer

Carv London

Becky Cocker is the founder, designer and creator of CARV bags. 

Cian O'Neill

Cian O’Neill is a painter, writer and graduate of Chelsea College of Arts School of Painting.  Previous to Chelsea College, he studied at Central Saint Martins.

Coby Walsh

Illustrator obsessed with cartoons, characters and hand-drawn typography.

Coco Hewitt

Coco Hewitt creates large scale abstract paintings that negotiate the relationship between surface and depth.

Cristina BanBan

Illustrator & Fine Artist. b. 1987, Barcelona, Spain. Lives and works in London, UK

Emma Aitchison

British born and based designer and maker, Emma Aitchison designs bold stylish pieces with a fresh experimental vision of what handcrafted jewellery can be. Emma creates individual stylish pieces to be worn day to day, inspired by the weather, unlocking the beauty observes, celebrating and capturing fleeting moments.

Errin Chenoa Quinn

Errin Chenoa Quinn designs and makes unique jewellery and silver objects from her studio. Errin studied jewellery, silversmithing and goldsmithing at UCA Rochester, achieved a diploma with the Gemological Institute of America in jewellery and gemstones and successfully completed a postgraduate course in silversmithing and jewellery at Bishopsland, a centre for excellence in hand making.

Esther Ainsworth

Esther Ainsworth (e_s_t) is a london based artist working with sound and interactive technology.

intertwining her artistic practice and experience of dj culture, her portfolio explores specific public or personal environments. extracting chosen sounds from these environments she transforms them using technology to create installations and performances.

Frank Laws

Transforming the grim into sights of intrigue and wonder, Laws turns on the laundry lines and lights of council buildings to draw your attention to their architectural finery.

A British painter, Frank Laws completed an MA at Central St Martins in 2007, and now lives between his London and Paris studios.

Heidi Miller

Heidi Miller is a Costume Designer based in London and Bristol. After gaining a 1st Class Honours Degree in Fashion Design at London's Middlesex University, Heidi moved into designing extensively for feature films, television and commercials.

Isabel Albiol

Isabel Albiol Estrada is a Royal College of Art graduate and has exhibited at the Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton, The Henry Moore Foundation, Hertfordshire and as part of Platform for Art, London Underground. She is fascinated by the surreal aspects of Museums of Natural History and Animal Parks. Inevitably, both their visual language and their history are a big influence in her work practice.

Jessica Scott

I am a fine artist, working primarily in textiles and performance. Using the domestic as a backdrop for exploring personal and cultural ideas about heritage and belonging, my work touches on feminism, diy culture, punk and the politics of shared experiences that are rooted in everyday life. 

John Hewitt

John Hewitt was born in Oldham, Lancashire and trained as an architect. Now based
in London he works on screen and gyclée prints, and illustrations for books and

Jonathan Roson

Born 1981, in Sydney, Australia. Lives and works in London, UK.

For me art is a way of contemplating life. I create sculptures and spatial installations that help me examine intrinsic human emotions and the underlying themes in human existence.

Justina Sullivan

Justina is a London based food, lifestyle and portrait photographer shooting from her studio.

Laura Ngyou

After completing a degree in Applied Arts at Middlesex university, Laura trained as a jeweller & silversmith at Bishopsland, where she began cultivating her unique and organic style, combining silver, unusual gemstones and intricate elements fashioned from gold.

Lee Wilshire

Urban Planner, Designer, Boater

Marie-Louise Jones

Marie-Louise Jones is a London-based artist whose work has been internationally exhibited. Her work explores human behavior and social construction using mixed-media to create sculptures, assemblages, and installations.

Mike Worobec

Michael moved to London after leaving Scotland in 2000. Working as a Stylist on Fashion Shoots and Pop Promos. Later he taught at a North London Comprehensive school as a successful Head of Art. He is now a full time professional artist.

Natalie Von Koettlitz

All NVK Jewellery is handmade by Natalie in her London studio, so every piece is unique. From her time travelling and working with different jewellers around the world, studying at Holt’s Academy and later at GIA, Natalie has poured all these skills and knowledge into NVK Jewellery.

Nina Mankin

Nina Mankin's work explores the use of found objects and materials to create strange & nostalgic secret inner worlds.

Promises Promises

Created in 2014 as a labour of love by designer Victoria Myatt following an 8 year apprenticeship at a luxury accessory label, Promises Promises is an allusion to the promises we all make to ourselves, from ‘I’m going to be an astronaut’ to I’m going to go for a run tonight’

Rachel Bailey

Rachel Bailey works in a range of media – mostly textiles.  Work evolves slowly, sometimes over many years.  Subject matter is part working through emotions and memories and part delight in forms and processes.

Rebecca Feiner

Artist Rebecca Feiner describes her work as that of a psychological detective and provocateur, investigating both the darkness and the light in the world. Her art has been exhibited internationally, and addresses cultural memory, identity, perception and the consequences of 'family' as an institution in society.

Rossen Daskalov

Figurative artist working in painting, sculpture, drawing and printing.

In my works I express the antagonism between individual and norm. This tension opens the content of the human form, its harmony and discord, vulnerability and strength.

Sam Mould

Working as a landscape artist my practice occurs through a translation of physical time-based actions. Cartography of location, place and time emerges through different mediums as a way of being in and moving through and connecting with site, memory and landscape. 

Susan Aldworth

Susan Aldworth lives and works in London. She studied philosophy at Nottingham University and printmaking at Sir John Cass in London. She is Senior Research Associate at Swansea Metropolitan University and a part time lecturer at Norwich University of the Arts. Aldworth is currently Artist in Residence at the Institute of Neuroscience at Newcastle University.

Tess Horrocks

Tessa Horrocks is a print-maker who makes original prints using the 'intaglio' technique collagraph. Influenced by microscopic structures and nature she likes to create images about little worlds within worlds, often describing feelings and energies inside her self and to her surroundings.

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